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Choose GPS Units

Choose longitude/latitude format or UTM:
Choose map datum:
Choose true or magnetic bearings:
Choose distance units:
Choose altitude units:
For your changes to take effect, click on "Apply".

I am confused, what should I choose?

My simple recommendations are: Set the longitude/latitude units to match your GPS display. Select the WGS84 map datum. Your GPS came in the box with WGS84, check that you did not change it.

If you plan to check way points on a paper topo map you could still use longitude and latitude, but some people prefer the UTM format. If you are using a US topo map it probably uses the NAD27 map datum, select NAD27 here (NAD27 Conus Mean to be precise).

If for some reason you set your GPS to NAD27, select NAD27 here.

To see an online map, click any underlined waypoint name in the USA!

If you have a paper map that uses an other datum, expect a small error.